Video streaming website and Mobile website


Database linked web application is used for searching and retrieving data from the web. Once a database has been created for your website your clients are then able to search for your data online. We can utilise Oracle, Mysql, Sqlserver or Sybase databases.

Mobile phone applications and developments are a growing source of communication which are expanding the use of mobile phone technology. There are many ways to apply this technology in order to improve your marketing and immediate communication to clients.
The Mobile Phone Business card service we provide enables you to access a digital copy of a traditional hardback business card on your mobile phone. You can also use your mobile phone to send your business card to other clients and associates.

Another service we offer are Mobile Slideshows which are a unique channel to showcase your products and services via your mobile phone, enhancing your opportunity to generate and promote your business.

We provide a Mobile Search Directory which is a portable way of searching for information on any topic or product whilst on the move.
Our Text Back services are used across the entire commercial spectrum offering an immediate response to customer inquires via text, mobile slideshow, video and image.

Using our secure online Text Message service, you can send text messages via the web to either an individual contact or a group of mobile recipients.
Our knowledge and expertise on Search Engine Optimisation SEO can secure a high ranking of your website on the Google natural selection page.

With our Video service we provide you with professional videos to be used to promote your business. Also we convert your video to any format making them compatible with any website or mobile phone use.

We offer an HTML E-mail service whereby we generate graphically designed emails. Unlike a standard email which limits you to using a standard text format, we provide a service for your emails to include colour, images, slideshows and videos in HTML format.

Mobile Websites or mobile web is a service we offer to provide a re-written, smaller version of your website which is customised to be compatible and user-friendly with any mobile phone.